What Is A Golf Scramble?

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Golf scramble tournaments are a very popular variation of what you know as golf. Scramble is a great, casual way of playing golf that is less intense than your average golf or other variations of the sport.

Because of this, it is usually played at casual events such as charity events and events hosted by the golf clubs, and can even be utilized through casual playdays.

What is a Golf Scramble

There are many differences between playing golf scramble and playing regular golf, and playing golf scramble will come with its benefits.

In this article, we will be discussing exactly what golf scramble is, how to play it, and most importantly, some effective ways to utilize the rules to win and be successful in a golf scramble tournament.

How To Play Scramble

Golf scramble is normally played with either a two-person team or a four-person team, the number of people in your team will usually depend on a couple of things, the amount of time you have to play golf, and the size of the party you are playing with.

When playing with a two-person team you will normally be given a handicap whereas with a four-person team you likely will not be given a handicap.

Each team must then appoint a leader or a captain, the leader is there to make decisions when the rest of the team cannot come to a unanimous agreement.

Each team will then unanimously decide where to tee-off from. This is normally where you would tee-off from in a normal game of golf and usually at the start of the course.

Each member of each team will then hit from that point as if they were playing a normal round of golf.

When all members of that team have made their shot, they must choose which of their balls has landed in the better position to take the next shot, this will be the leader’s decision if the team cannot decide.

Once the team or the team leader agrees on the best position for the next shot, each member of that team can then take their second shot from that point.

The teams will then do this for the next shot, and the next shot, until the hole is complete.

At the end of the hole, the team score is calculated bases on the number of spots the team hit from and not the number of individual stokes taken. You and your team can then move on to the next hole and start the process again.

At the end of the tournament, the team with the lowest score will win.

If teams have the same score at the end of the tournament then a tie breaker will be employed. In many cases this will include playoff holes.

The event organizers might choose a scorecard playoff instead. In this case a hole from the tournament is selected and the team with the lowest score on that hole will win. If the hole that was picked was a tie then you will pick another hole until a winner is found.

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What Are The Benefits Of Golf Scramble?

What is a Golf Scramble

There are two major benefits when playing golf scramble and these are what make scramble less intense and better to play in large groups at an event or casual gathering.

The first benefit to golf scramble is the social aspect. Golf is already a social sport with many people going golfing just to hang out with their friends, however, when you play golf scramble you turn an already social sport into a team game.

Scramble makes you discuss decisions with your team and try to put your brains together, making it great for getting to know someone over a game of golf.

Making it a team sport can also make it a little more fun, and having it as a team sport is also a big reason why it is played at golf clubs and charity events, as it works as a group effort and team-building exercise.

The second major benefit to playing golf scramble is that it takes less time to play than other variations of golf including just run-of-the-mill golf.

This benefit is mostly felt when you have larger parties playing golf, or if you haven’t got a lot of time to play golf.

When there is a club event or a charity event, the event will only last a limited time, and there will usually be quite a lot of people in attendance, this is why golf scramble is a popular variation to play, as more people can fit in their games of golf. These events are most often played using a shotgun format.

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Tips To Enjoying Golf Scramble

When playing golf scramble, there are some tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

Firstly, make sure you have enough players to fill up the roster. You should always have enough players to fill the field so that everyone gets a chance to play. It is important to ensure that the number of players is equal between all teams.

Secondly, make sure you have a good mix of players. Having too many players who don’t know each other well can lead to problems such as not knowing who to trust, and therefore being unable to make any decisions.

On the other hand, having too few players means that you won’t have enough people to make decisions, and therefore you may not get to enjoy the social aspects of the game.

You should also make sure you keep things simple, try not to get convoluted with your own rules, and stick to the base game.

The more complicated the rules are, the harder it becomes to understand them and follow them. Simple rules mean that everyone has a clear understanding of what they need to do, which helps everyone to stay focused throughout the round.

Lastly, make sure you choose a course that suits your needs. A course that is too difficult may cause you to lose interest before you even start playing.

However, a course that is too easy could leave you bored and uninterested. Make sure you find something that fits your skill level and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Golf scramble is a fun way to spend a day out with friends and family. It is a team game where you work together to win by making the best decision possible. It is a great activity for families, groups of friends, and those looking for a new team-building activity.

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