How To Putt

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Have you ever tried putting before? If yes, you probably know that it takes a lot of practice to get good at it.

The same goes for other types of golf. There are several things that you need to master before you can become a great golfer.

How To Putt

If you have never played before, but your interest has been piqued by the number of people who play golf, or if you want to improve your game, then this guide is for you!

We’ll help you understand how to putt correctly to achieve better results and minimize your mistakes in the future.

Understanding How to Putt – The Basics

What exactly does it mean to “putt”? It means that you hit each ball just off or on the green using only one to two strokes. You use both hands on the club.

And, to ensure that you do not make any mistakes when hitting each ball, you should focus on the following:

  • The correct grip position and stance
  • Your alignment relative to the target line
  • A smooth swing motion

The first thing you must remember about putting is that the putter moves more than the rest of the body.

Therefore, the putter needs to consider the other parts of your body to provide balance. This is why you should hold the putter club correctly.

The most common mistake is holding the putter too far away from the body. Instead, hold the putter close to your chest. You should keep your entire arm straight, except for the elbow, when doing so.

Finally, you must strike the ball at a slight angle. For instance, when you are striking down towards the pin, you should slightly lean back.

And when you are pushing towards the hole, you should slightly push forward. These are all basic rules that will help you learn how to putt properly.

Choosing The Right Golf Club For Putting

To start off, you should choose a putter that suits your playing style best. For example, many professionals prefer to use a mallet-type putter, especially those who love to finesse shots.

On the other hand, if you are a power player, you may decide to do a blade-type putter instead.

As mentioned earlier, you should adjust your stance according to the distance between the ball and the centerline.

You should also consider the size of the ball. For example, if you often do short putts, you should select a shorter putter than you would typically use for long putts.

Additionally, you should decide whether you want to get a putter with grooves. Grooved putters allow you to roll the ball smoothly up and down the surface of the grooves.

Thus, they can prevent the ball from moving around too quickly. In general, if you plan to play many rounds of golf, then you should opt for a putter with grooves.

When buying a new set of clubs, you should consider the following factors:

1. Your Current Skill Level

Before you go ahead and purchase a new set of clubs for yourself, you must determine if you are a beginner or an expert player.

A beginner would need to practice their swing using appropriate training aids such as a putting machine. They would also need to learn how to use these machines correctly.

Such practices will help him learn how to improve his skills. On the other hand, an experienced golfer could quickly master the technique needed to make the right swings.

This makes it easier for them to choose the perfect set of clubs.

2. Your Pocketbook

If you have limited funds, you should stick with the cheaper options when looking for a set of clubs. You could always buy a set of woods that will cost around $50-$60.

Such purchases will definitely enhance your game without costing too much. However, if you want to get better quality clubs, you may have to spend more money.

For instance, you could buy a set of irons that cost around $200-300. This option is ideal for someone who wants to develop their game quickly.

3. Your Specific Needs

As mentioned above, there are different types of clubs that you can select from depending on your personal preferences. For example, you may be interested in purchasing a set of putters.

Or perhaps you prefer irons to woods due to your limited budget?

Whatever type of club you decide to go for, remember that you should never compromise on quality. Quality is one thing that cannot be compromised no matter how low your price range is.

Types Of Clubs Available

There are three main categories of clubs that are available in the market. These include woods, irons, and wedges. Each type of club has its own unique characteristics.

How To Putt

For example, the wood clubs have longer shafts than what you might find in an iron set.

As a result, they are more suitable for beginners since they enable you to grip the club properly. And wedges are usually used to ensure that you keep your balance during a shot.

Wood Clubs

The woods are probably the most popular type of club amongst golfers. It is because they offer you a good deal of flexibility. With this kind of club, you can hit any part of the green to reach the hole.

The length of the club does come into consideration when choosing woods. Generally speaking, a set of woods should have a total length of about 33 inches. Woods are usually made out of steel, aluminum, and titanium.


Irons are another type of club that you can find in the market today. While they resemble woods in terms of appearance, they differ in various ways. Finally, irons are typically made out of either stainless steel or titanium.


Wedges are special items that are used to generate spin on the ball. They are much like the pitching wedge, sand wedge, etc. In fact, according to some experts, they are simply variations of the lofted iron.

Although not all of them are designed with the sole purpose of generating spin, they still play a vital role in your game.

The Next Step Is Using a Putting Coach

Now that you have learned how to putt, you should think about getting some training.

Although this might seem like an unnecessary step, it will prove beneficial because learning everything here will give you confidence and help you feel comfortable whenever you try to perform the task.

Moreover, you will also focus on making minor improvements that eventually lead to bigger ones.

Alignment Relative to the Target Line

Next, you need to align yourself correctly to the target. More specifically, you should aim directly at the hole. If you know where the hole is located, then you should hit the ball as close as possible to that place.

If you are unsure where the hole is, you should look at the cup. Once you find the cup, you should make sure that you are looking at the same spot. However, don’t stare directly at the cup.

Instead, you should look at the ball first. Then, once you see the ball, you should look at its shadow on the ground. This way, you will know exactly where the hole is.

Aiming Near the Ball

Finally, you should position yourself near the ball when attempting to shoot the putt.

Ideally, you should be standing a few feet behind the ball. However, you shouldn’t be too close to the ball because you won’t be able to swing the club fast enough.


To conclude, both beginners and seasoned players need to take their time when buying a new set of golf clubs.

Before going ahead and making any kinds of purchases, you must first identify whether you are an amateur or an advanced professional.

If you plan to play the sport professionally, think about purchasing top-of-the-line equipment.

Otherwise, you could opt for lower-quality equipment. Finally, remember to keep your financial goals in mind when choosing which kind of clubs you want to buy. Good luck!

Overall, the tips above were meant to teach you how to putt the proper way. However, if you follow these steps, you will likely improve your putting technique and ultimately become a great golfer!

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