Do You Know How Much A Golf Cart Weighs?

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The weight of the cart is an important factor when buying golf carts.

If you think about it, your golf cart’s handling of slopes and hills, as well as how much towing power is required when you haul it, are all dependent upon its weight. What is the most common weight of golf carts?

Do you know how much a golf cart weighs

According to the model of the golf cart and the additional modifications, golf carts can weigh from 500 to 1100 pounds.

The weight of your golf cart is determined by its power source: gasoline or electric, and how many passengers it can seat.

What Is The Weight Of A Golf Cart?

Based on the make, model, and customizations, golf carts can weigh anywhere between 500 and 1100 pounds.

That’s a pretty wide range! As a result of the materials used by each manufacturer, the weight of each model varies considerably.

In addition, a golf cart’s weight will be influenced by how it’s powered – electric carts tend to have a lighter weight than gas carts. With larger batteries, golf carts with electric power can become quite heavy.

The Difference Between Dry Weight And Curb Weight When Buying Golf Carts

Golf cart manufacturers use terms such as “dry weight” and “curb weight” to describe their carts. You should know what these terms mean.

The golf cart’s dry weight is the weight without any accessories or batteries.

Curb Weight – This is the cart’s overall weight, taking into account batteries and other accessories.

There are other items, such as tires, rear seats, hitch receivers, roof racks, etc., that can contribute to dry weight and curb weight differences.

Towing Weight For Golf Carts

Adding 800 pounds to your golf cart’s curb weight is the best way to determine whether your vehicle is capable of towing it.

What Is The Weight Of A Four-Person Golf Cart?

Around 1,000 pounds is the average weight of a golf cart that seats four people. For multiple passengers, this type of cart usually has a steel framework, is made from fiberglass, and it will be powered by 48V batteries (if it is electric).

What Is The Weight Of A Golf Cart That Seats Six People?

Approximately 1,050 pounds is the average weight of a golf cart for six people. Typically, golf carts with six passengers are gas-powered, so all passengers can be transported.

Weight Limits For Golf Carts

Generally, golf carts can carry between 600 and 800 pounds (or passengers).
There are some larger carts that can carry weights of up to 1,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds.

To determine a golf cart’s weight limit, it is a good idea to use the average weight of 200 pounds per rider. Before using your specific cart, check the manufacturer’s specifications.

For determining the weight limit for golf carts, a good rule is to use the average weight of 200 lbs per rider. Before using any cart, make sure you check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Gas VS Electric Weight Of Golf Carts

golf cart

Golf carts with electric motors typically weigh less than their gas-powered counterparts, which makes them easier to tow and transport. When choosing a golf cart, you should take into account its typical usage.

Think carefully about the benefits and disadvantages associated with each type.

The Pros And Cons Of Gas Golf Carts


  • Drives easily and quiet
  • Cheaper than gas golf carts
  • Perform well in cold weather
  • Rechargeable batteries save on fuel costs
  • Sustainable and cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain compared to gas powered carts


  • Due to limited power, an electric cart is less capable of climbing steep hills and transporting many passengers (an electric cart has an average horsepower of 5 horsepower, whereas a gas cart has 12.5 horsepower).
  • A single charge is only capable of covering 15-20 kilometers on average per trip
  • Batteries eventually need to be replaced and are expensive

The Pros And Cons Of Gas Golf Carts


  • Compared to electric carts, gas carts can cover 150 miles in one trip.
  • Improved passenger transport performance
  • The ability to perform better on hills and slopes
  • No need to replace batteries
  • Better return on investment


  • Colder environments can cause startup issues
  • The electric model is more expensive
  • More expensive to maintain
  • It’s louder than electric carts (important if you’re using it for hunting, resort living, or around the neighborhood).

Can Golf Carts Fit In My Truck Bed?

Generally, yes. A golf cart of the appropriate size should fit into the bed of a standard pickup truck if you have both. Your biggest challenge will be lifting the cart inside the truck!

In most cases, dealers will assist you with loading your golf cart into the back of your truck, but make sure you have a ramp to unload it once you get home. Don’t forget to bring straps for securing the golf cart.

Is My Garage Is Too Small For A Golf Cart?

Almost all golf carts can be stored in garages, so be sure to keep the size of your vehicle at the forefront when purchasing, along with these important factors:

  • In your garage, you should have enough space to maneuver your golf cart
  • Ensure you have enough room to park and maneuver your golf cart, as well as enough space to haul any gear or equipment you’ll be hauling with it.

How Big Of A Trailer Am I Going To Need For A Golf Cart?

It depends on the model you choose, but most standard golf carts (four by eight) fit on a standard five by ten utility trailer. Ensure you have enough room to exit the enclosed trailer if it is enclosed.

You can transport your golf cart safely by following these steps:

  • You should turn your golf cart in the direction of the hauler
  • Secure your golf cart’s tires
  • Secure the windshield by bungee cording or stringing it after flipping it down
  • Make sure to flip down the front seat and secure it with bungee cords or string if you must transport the golf cart facing the opposite direction from the transport vehicle


This guide should have helped you understand the size, weight, and towing capacity that your cart will need. Once you make your purchase, you may want to know how to make a golf cart go faster!

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