How To Measure Driver Shaft Length

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How much does a driver shaft length matter and is it really important to measure them accurately before buying new golf clubs?

Golf club shafts are usually measured from the top of the grip to the bottom of the head. The distance between these two points is called the shaft length.

Golfers often wonder whether they should measure their shaft lengths or rely on the manufacturer’s specifications. In reality, both methods are equally valid.

How To Measure Driver Shaft Length

However, if you want to measure the driver shaft length of your golf clubs, then you have come to the right place.

In the following article, we are going to teach you how to measure the driver shaft length, while also explaining how you can alter the length to achieve a better game.

So if you want your golf clubs to be perfect, this article has everything you need to get started…

How To Measure Driver Shaft Length

The driver shaft length is a term used to describe the full measurement of the club’s shaft in conjunction with the overall measurement of the club itself.

It can also be seen as the contrast between the measurement of the whole club and the measurement of the club head.

In most cases, the longer the driver shaft, the harder it is to control the golf club and accurately strike the ball.

In the instructions below, we have outlined the best method for measuring the driver shaft length, which requires nothing more than a golf club and a ruler…


  1. To start measuring the driver shaft length, place the club in a starting position so that the middle of the base is still in touch with the green.
  2. Take a 48-inch golf club ruler and position it at the back of the club while making sure that the end touches the floor under the head of the golf club. Keep the ruler in this position so that the club sits on top of it.
  3. Use the ruler to measure the length from the end of the handle to the bottom of the heel.

This approach can be utilized in most situations, although it is not suitable for putters, as the shaft is never located on the sole of these clubs.

It’s important to measure the driver shaft on all the clubs that you own, as this will allow you to keep a record and avoid future problems.

How To Shorten Driver Shaft

As we previously discussed, a shorter driver shaft can make it easier to achieve a straight hit, which can result in a good game.

Because of this, some golfers seek ways to shorten the driver shaft length of their clubs, something that can be accomplished using a plethora of methods.

In the section below, we have outlined our favorite method for shortening driver shaft length, so that you can learn to do it for yourself…

What You Will Need

  • Hook blade (or utility knife)
  • Measurer
  • Vice
  • Tube cutter (or saw blade)
  • Sandpaper


  1. To begin, remove the handle from the driver with a blade or utility knife, while also removing the tape from the shaft.
  2. Use a ruler to measure the desired length of the shaft. Once you have done this, add another ⅛-inch to the measurement and outline the placement using a marker pen.
  3. To hold the club in the correct position, we recommended placing it in a metal vice before continuing with the next step.
  4. Take a cutter or saw blade and position it over the pen mark. For the best results, it is advisable to use the tube cutter when working with a steel club. However, you will need to use the saw blade if the shaft is made from graphite.
  5. Switch the cutting machine on and use it to slowly cut through the pen mark on the shaft.
  6. When the cut has been made, switch the cutting machine off and take the golf club out of the vice.
  7. Remove any rough or sharp edges from the club by using sandpaper on the club’s butt.
  8. Fix a brand-new grip to the shaft of the golf club.
  9. To return the club to its original weight and swing, fill the clubhead with weights or similar dense materials.

When it comes to using this method, we recommend wearing protective eyewear and gloves, especially when cutting the club.

During the cutting process, you will need to cut through the club using one smooth motion, as this will deliver a straight cut.

Why Shorten The Driver Shaft?

Shortening the driver shaft length can have a significant impact on the club, allowing you to gain control and deliver accurate hits. However, it is important to note the after-effects that come with this process.

How To Measure Driver Shaft Length

For example, every ½-inch that is removed from the shaft will remove around 3 swing weight points. Fortunately, the overall flex will remain the same.

On the other hand, if you remove pieces from the grip, you will not produce as much firmness as on the tip. This is why sawing the grip-end is recommended as it helps to improve your swing and precision.

How To Lengthen Driver Shaft

If your golf club is too short, then you may want to lengthen the driver shaft, which allows you to experiment with different lengths and sizes.

In the following instructions, we will show you how to extend the driver shaft using tools that can be found in your local hardware store…

What You Will Need

  • Two-component golf epoxy
  • Toothpick (or small spatula)
  • Acetone
  • Paper towels


  1. Before you start, purchase a shaft extension that features a diameter that is slightly smaller than your current shaft and see if it fits into the club.
  2. Take a small amount of golf epoxy and spread it on a flat surface before mixing it together.
  3. Take a wooden toothpick or plastic spatula and spread the epoxy across the exterior of the new extension.
  4. Take the same epoxy and spread it on the interior of the shaft using a smooth and circular motion.
  5. Once the epoxy has been applied, place the extension back into the original shaft while making sure that it matches the interior of the original piece.
  6. To remove unwanted overflow, spray some acetone onto a piece of paper towel before using it to wipe away the debris.
  7. Allow the extended shaft to rest for about 3 – 5 hours, and then you can take your new club to the green.

Final Thoughts

While the process of measuring the driver shaft length is simple, it does take some time and patience to complete.

Once you have measured the length, you can either shorten or lengthen the shaft using the methods above. However, if the driver shaft meets your requirements, then you can keep it the same and continue with your game.

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